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A movie that is going to empower you like this or more empowered, is that look, today is Bichotas Friday! That is the reality, the bichotas nobody should ever take it away from you, it is your future! It is as it should be, and today we bring you a song that just one listen is enough for you to empower yourself at the GOD level! Do you know which one we mean? Well yes, to Cell Block Tango Chicago!

Cell Block Tango Chicago, a song that has been performed in thousands of countries, millions of artists, in millions of theaters and only one is the legendary, with our beloved, talented, sexy, beautiful and very professional actress, singer and dancer, Catherine Zeta-Jones, of course also participates in this same play, Mya, Ekaterina Chtchelkanova, Denise Faye, Susan Misner, Taye Diggs, and Deidre Goodwin! This film was released in 2001 and was a success.

But there are other versions, the 2001 one was directed by Queen Latifah, in 1975 it was made with John Kander, and later in 2012 with Elenco de Glee!

All wonderful putting their own essence and authenticity.

But hey, the reality is that this song is incredible and above all interesting, we know that when a man is unfaithful to us (Not that it happened to me … J) but when that happens, out of love, no matter how sorry, the courage is there , the impotence of betrayal is there, and you must go to therapy with your partner to know how to handle that feeling and to be able to recover the relationship if you can, and if not then simply go your way and never look back, but what happens when you do not overcome those feelings, what happens when everything gets out of control, to the point of hurting your partner, death more than anything.

It is the motto of this song, “It was a murder but not a crime” and it is that they, the protagonists of the play see it that way, they totally justify their murder, like, “Well, how can you accuse me that it was a crime? I mean, I did kill him but he cheated on me with my sister !! ” Hey hey! Hahahahaa remember that it is only a play, in real life, you are going to jail to life imprisonment so better control your feelings honey! But, yes, empower yourself and leave the toxic one already!

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