Celia Lora shows the best angles of her rear from the living room to the kitchen on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, has not stopped to look for the best places in her house to take pictures of herself and this time she revealed which are the best angles of her rear around the house from the living room to the kitchen.

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Her fans of course were happy to have a slightly more private approach to her home and that she looks perfect in any corner of her house.

These are her last two publications, in which she appears super flirty, showing us as the protagonist her great rearguard in exercise tights, some that are so close that they stood out to the maximum.

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The images came to collect more than 150 thousand likes among them, managing to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of faithful followers of the girl who are aware of their social networks so as not to miss any of her beauty.

The beautiful actress has been working to the fullest and everything from her house, despite not being able to leave has adapted to the situation and is recording some programs from her room, such as one that she did for central comedy and where she revealed some secret details.

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Some of her fans wish they knew everything about Celia and do not miss any opportunity to get to know her a little more, they are even aware of all her stories to understand what she likes best and thus perhaps consent to her at some point.

The famous young woman is super liked and causes everyone to look everywhere she goes, something that is quite important for brands, so not only MTV is looking for her to collaborate but also some other media.

Celia is also currently participating in Acapulco Shore and we can see her in the new chapters every week, keeping us happy with a lot of content and above all daring photographs.

Celia’s promotion for various businesses has become more constant, every time she has an opportunity she mentions them in her stories and even shows how her service is a quite good and supportive gesture on her part, although Celia most likely receives some payment for doing it either free product or some quantity.