Celia Lora shows off her chest on Instagram | Instagram

Celia Lora again has amazed her followers on social networks, this after sharing a bikini photo with which she boasts her chest.

In the photograph you can perfectly appreciate the beautiful light eyes of the model and her daring chest that looks even more with her natural freckles.

The model shared that these photographs were taken by Alex Cordova for Open magazine and they are the first time that he worked with him.

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Celia usually shares very daring images on her social network; However, it also impacts with not so daring photographs like this one.

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Netizens often appreciate the content and appreciate Lora’s beauty, which is why they have made her a favorite on Instagram.

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The image was shared 15 hours ago and already has more than 39 thousand likes.

Recently, in the month of February, the beautiful woman was at the Mazatlán Carnival, where she demonstrated her simplicity by sharing with the Mazatlan people from an allegorical car with her companions from Acapulco Shore.