The model managed to raise the temperature of Instagram posing with daring clothes that leave nothing to the imagination

Celia Lora warms up the web with the launch of her own page

Andrés Hernández / Reform Agency

As rarely, Celia lora He put aside the scandals bikinis and the tiny pieces of lingerie to fall in love with his followers with a sports outfit.

The model surprised her followers Instagram posing provocatively in profile to the camera with tight pink leggings, with which he showed off his curves.

The model made it clear that she does not need to take off her clothes, because with the sports outfit she managed to steal the hearts of more than 125,000 followers, who rated the image with a red heart.

Shortly before, the daughter of Alex Lora He delighted his faithful admirers with daring lingerie garments, which aroused the lowest passions, obtaining more than 200 thousand likes in a single publication.

As if this were not enough, he also remembered with a sensual bikini photo the days when he enjoyed the sunset in Acapulco.