Celia Lora puts her chest against the mirror to show off her charms on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The famous Celia Lora, daughter of Alex Lora del Tri, is used to pampering her fans with daring photographs and this time she did it in a super seductive way, as she gathered her chest against a mirror and took the photograph which is one of her most liked .

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The beautiful model surprised everyone with a photograph that made it difficult to be the center of attention and more in these moments of confinement, so the famous will continue to give content to her fans to prevent them from getting bored.

In the snapshot, the beautiful young woman looks at the camera with a look with which she conquered her fans, leading the photo to have more than 93 thousand likes. It can be seen that Celia continues to be isolated by this quarantine that has everyone at home.

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Her comment box could have many positive comments, although as we know Celia closed this one to avoid being harassed and insulted, because apparently there are many people who take advantage of any moment to do their own thing.

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Celia Lora knows the importance of having to entertain herself in these moments of social distancing, so she spends uploading content for her fans, since she wants them to keep themselves safe in their homes with good content.

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It should be remembered that Celia is participating as a representative in Acapulco Shore, so she revealed that the new season will come very soon, where we will probably be able to observe her too.

To cope with this crisis, Celia recommends that you consume its exclusive, private and uncensored content, since it ensures that it can serve to entertain yourself in these moments of social distancing.

Let’s not forget that the famous has been involved in several scandals, both the one that happened when she was arrested, as well as what she lived in a hotel in Mazatlán, because it seems that the inconveniences persecute her, or perhaps it is the price of being a famous woman with so much Attention.