Celia Lora in her underwear poses from her bed and shows her charms on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The daring Mexican model and now host, Celia Lora, has dedicated herself to pampering her loyal fans for several months, seeking to generate better and better photographs and even though she is indoors she has succeeded.

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One of her last photos on her official Instagram in which she appears lying on her bed, wearing only her cutest underwear and a flirty transparent white one that she left quite visible.

Of course the fans were delighted with the snapshot, in which we can see her beautiful and stylized legs, her abdomen and much more, something that for the fans is the best, since they consider her one of the most beautiful women.

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The young woman manages to gather hundreds of thousands of likes in a short time, because she has a lot of attention and of course if the young woman has been appearing on various MTV programs and YouTube channels, creating more and more content apart from the one she gives us on Instagram.


Celia Lora also has her new program the love office where you can send her your romantic experiences and so she can read you and even give some points of view, advice and her own experiences, something that has fascinated her followers.

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Go that this young Mexican woman will not stop giving us something to talk about, because every time she attracts attention in a better way because not everything is left in taking off her clothes but she has also put creativity into her.

Celia Lora is very intense and even jealous is what she has revealed in this last broadcast for television, in fact she confessed that if her partner has a new friendship she gets in a very bad mood.

In recent months, the beautiful actress has been closer than ever to her followers and has been very frequent with the publication of content on social networks. Recently a very funny video was generated, as his partner nicknamed Chile begins to remove his clothes, revealing that he was wearing socks that look like women, which I assure that a girl left at home.