Celia Lora in sportswear and without underwear dazzles Instagram fans | INSTAGRAM

Celia Lora is one of the most popular Mexican women, and especially loved by users, and they appreciate being able to observe her in different ways, whether in her day-to-day sessions, photo shoots, television shows, etc.

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On this occasion, she demonstrated why her faithful followers consider her one of the most beautiful models in Mexico, since all she had to do was wear her sports outfit to leave everyone stunned.

What her fans liked the most is that she did not wear underwear under her sportswear, so she highlighted a lot of her attributes which have helped her conquer the world of social networks.

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The famous young woman does not stop trying to pamper and please those who like her, on several occasions we have seen him posing in various ways at home since up to now he continues to take care of himself inside her.

Celia has spent several months looking for the best corners of her home to continue with her photo shoots, since she did not plan to stop and leave us abandoned, as some other models did.

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In these days of social isolation the young woman has been practicing many things inside the house, she has even been encouraged to enter the kitchen showing off the dishes she has dedicated to cooking these days and we can see this in her stories.

Where he has also dedicated himself to promoting various businesses this time one of homemade food, as well as a mezcal which he showed us at a private party in which he was.

It is worth mentioning that at the party it is noted that they are taking all possible precautionary measures, since even the one who prepares the drinks brings his mouth mask, gloves and mask.