Celia Lora highlights her chest with a white blouse and reveals that she is super jealous on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, was in charge of delighting the users’ pupils with a tight white blouse that highlighted her great front attributes.

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She did it with a daring photo in which her chest took the eyes of those who observed her, something that usually causes.

Daring photography uploaded it a few hours ago and has managed to gather more than 85 thousand likes, as there are hundreds of fans who are waiting for your new content and are just launching it are there to thank you.

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Many would think that this beautiful young woman is super sure of herself regarding her relationships, however she has just revealed that she suffers from tremendous jealousy. So strong have you felt, that it revealed that on several occasions he has had some super bitter experiences and that probably nobody beat him in the jealousy.

He revealed it through a video that he published in his official Instagram stories, where we can remember that there is no room for comments that he has been closed for a few months to avoid harassment and criticism.

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Some of her fans wish they knew everything about Celia and do not miss any opportunity to get to know her a little more, they are even aware of all her stories to understand what she likes best and thus perhaps consent to her at some point.

Celia Lora is super liked on the internet and causes everyone to look everywhere she goes, something that is quite important for brands, so not only MTV is looking for her to collaborate but also some other media.

Celia is also currently participating in Acapulco Shore and we can see her in the new chapters every week, keeping us happy with a lot of content and above all daring photographs.