Celia Lora exposes the falsehood and lies of Lizbeth Rodríguez

Celia Lora exposes the falsehood and lies of Lizbeth Rodríguez | Instagram

Celia Lora recently decided to expose her own friend, stating that she was the one who was false, now Lizbeth Rodriguez She was exposed as well as being a liar, so the young woman from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico could not defend herself against it.

Surely you already know that both Lizbeth and Celia get along quite well, they met on a reality show Barak the experiment, immediately both celebrities managed to make a very good connection together.

On several occasions we have had the opportunity to see them together in videos, on the YouTube channel of Celia lora We saw the former Badabun girl reveal some intimate secrets, being together is always a reason for laughter and a lot of affection between the two, because the two are extremely flirtatious and the combination between them is more than entertaining, because each one contributes something curious to what they record or share.

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Through his Instagram stories through various videos He decided to expose it so much that he could not contain his laughter, both were enjoying a meal together, only that the flirtatious blue-eyed businesswoman had asked for a hamburger, precisely because they were in a place dedicated to it, but on the other hand Liz Rodríguez asked! a salad!

This for Lora was the last straw, because it was exaggeratedly healthy, but that if she had asked for some onion rings and french fries, she claimed that she could be punished by God due to the affront she had committed by ordering a salad in such a place, of the most delicious and especially that it was dedicated to sell this type of food.

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Obviously it was a joke on her part, but that without a doubt she could not let go, so much so that she decided to expose her, surely she did it with a lot of affection towards her friend and at the same time resentment, because she would eat a monstrous hamburger and Lizbeth just a little salad with apples.

Without hesitation, Lizbeth Rodríguez herself shared this same content in her own stories, laughing a bit at what happened, because she found the claim that Celia Lora was making to her funny.

The former host of Exposing Infidels is usually quite intense when it comes to her friendships, although some Internet users have criticized her, she ignores and decides to omit negative comments so she continues to live fully and happily, showing off to her friends as she is Celia whom she claims she loves.

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