Acapulco Shore 7: Celia Lora decided to swim to the pool without any clothes in chapter 9 of the series | INSTAGRAM

The Mexican model, daughter of the renowned rock artist, decided to get rid of her outfit and swim for a while in the Shore house pool.

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After the media lawsuit that took place in the previous chapter, between Manelyk and Dania, after the latter sold her a crystal glass the first time, Dania proposed to Mane that they have a fight without the intervention of her boyfriend Jawy, because we know Well, every time the tanned girl decides to get into a fight, her partner ends up putting his hands in for her, which makes the fight « not clean ».

In such a situation Manelyk flatly denied the proposal, however, he decided to speak to “La boss”, that is, to our beloved Celia Lora, asking him to please speak to Dania, “I accept that my action was not the best, but I it was patience, ”Dania told Celia.

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Celia had something in mind and knew that a small lawsuit was not going to ruin the night, so she decided to take the boys to a well-known bar in the city of Mazatlán, where she had a huge and magnificent surprise for them.

Leaving behind the problems, and to forget a bit about the bad times, (which are increasingly frequent) Lora gave the Shores a wonderful gift, because in the bar where she took them, nothing more and nothing less was waiting for them inside that La Banda El Recodo, by Don Cruz Lizárraga, a band that was born in the municipality and has been named « The mother of all gangs ».

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This fact had more than happy reality participants, and once they entered the party, thanks to the exorbitant amounts of alcohol that everyone in here consumes, it was Potro, Jawy and Tadeo who dedicated a song to him in collaboration with the famous band Jey, due to the several occasions in which this subject has performed poorly in privacy.

Each and every one of the members of the house was more than intoxicated, so, when arriving at the house, the sensual Celia Lora had a brilliant idea: To get off the drunkenness she decided to get rid of all her clothes literally and get into swim in the pool. He could be seen taking off his outfit slowly, very much in his style and he was left without a garment completely on.

Action that Nacha and Fer Moreno quickly imitated, so there were three girls without any garment in a pool in the middle of the morning, giving a wink to all viewers.