Celia Lora and Karime Pindter melt their fans, today the MTV Love Clinic opens | Instagram

Our beautiful Mexican model and actress Celia Lora, her popularity did not stop growing this time became a trend for various reasons, because after yesterday she took off her blouse completely in Acapulco Shore, the premiere of the love office was also announced on MTV.

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We are a few hours from the premiere of her new program El Consultorio del Amor with Celia Lora, where she will premiere as the host of this type of Show, which is currently a trend.

He also communicated through his official Instagram that he is recording a program for the channel of his fellow model and also host Karime Pindter.

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And he announced it with a tremendous photograph, in which the two young beauties are sitting in the recording chair showing off their cute face and stylized figure, with which they have managed to conquer social networks adding that they have a great charisma.

In Celia Lora’s states you can see that the two get along quite well and that they are ready to continue dedicating themselves through our screens, since the two girls still have a lot to give and specifically Celia Lora, who has been creating each time new and better content, which is why she has positioned herself as one of the best-known and liked Mexican women in recent weeks

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Another curiosity of Celia is her way of promoting the products, she remembers her style very well by receiving them by opening them in front of her cell phone camera and giving her opinion and a courteous invitation to her followers to try the products, since she is the first who has been delighted with them.

In these she finds in Twitter trends, either because of her uncovering in Acapulco Shore, her new program on MTV, which is broadcast today, or her new program with Karime it seems that nothing can stop her from continuing to grow since she is the center Attention is one of your greatest gifts.