Celebrities with a hairstyle almost more famous than them

Several stars turned their hairstyles into protagonists

Shakira, the singer and her wild natural curls that spontaneously look several shades lighter than her natural color. Your personal brand.

Sarah Jessica Parker made her blonde waves one of the main identity traits of Carrie Bradshaw, her character on the television series Sex and the City.

Julia Roberts She has been considered the “most beautiful woman in the world” several times, and it can be said that part of her charm lies in her famous wavy hair.

The Mexican singer Thalia and her long hair represents her from the beginning of her career. Nowadays, she usually wears her hair slightly wavy or straight, but always keeping the length.

Halle berry and its sophisticated cut. A mane that was the protagonist of many years of his life and is known as Halle Berry’s ‘pixie’.

Tina Turner and its unbridled volume. Although nowadays the mass of blunt and excessively voluminous hair, Tina’s hairstyle was all the rage in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Amy Winehouse and her sloppy semi-collected Undoubtedly, the singer’s greatest hallmark was the collected beehive that she wore in almost all her public appearances. She rescued her from the soul divas of the fifties and sixties.

Lady di and the distinguished short. After her divorce, Diana became a stylish, elegant and admired woman. The short and layered hair that he wore during the last years of his life had a lot to do with it, which gave him distinction and sophistication.

The famous and glamorous hairstyle of Marilyn monroe. Her hairstyle was one of her most outstanding characteristics, it is what always kept her image attractive. Although she may not have been a fashion icon, her blonde hair was a very memorable part of her appeal.

Short hair of Ursula Corberó, one of its hallmarks.

Farrah fawcett. Her waves in the iconic Charlie’s Angels series were imitated ad nauseam and she was faithful to her long hair with volume.

Anna Wintour it is elegance personified. There is one trait you would recognize her even from the back: her millimeter bob haircut with straight bangs.

Although various hairstyles were simply part of “characters”, the truth is that they marked the history of those celebrities, because until today they usually identify with them, as happened to Jennifer Aniston when she played “Rachel” on Friends. From her waves to her highlights and her infallible haircut.

Gisele Bundchen with her iconic blonde mane.