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Rapper DaBaby had to apologize after he made homophobic comments during a concert in Miami, which also led to his performance at the Lollapalooza music festival and two other events being canceled.

At the concert, the singer asked the audience to turn on the lights on their cell phones and lift them up in the air unless they were HIV-positive or gay men having sex in parking lots.

The criticism was immediate, prompting the artist to apologize a second time for his “hurtful and provocative” comments.

The first time, Jonathan Kirk, the artist’s real name, wrongly said, while on stage at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami, that HIV “makes you die in two or three weeks.”

However, the rapper who was nominated for a Grammy this year, has not been the only artist to ignite social networks by making offensive statements against the LGBT + community.

Most famous homophobic


The artist is characterized by the fact that most of his songs are referred to against homosexuals, such as his album “Marshall Mathers LP”, which was awarded Best Album of the Year at the 2001 Grammys, a situation that caused great disagreement among the LGBT + community.

Another controversial success of the singer is “Cleanin Out My Closet”, where he wishes the death of his father after accusing him of “gay”.

There is also “Rap God”, in which he dedicates an entire verse to “fags”.

“On the wall of shame. You fags think it’s all a game until I walk on a herd of flames …”

Chris Brown

The singer was arrested in 2013 along with one of his bodyguards, after having beaten a man identified as Isaac Parker, outside a hotel in Washington and not complying, saying, while attacking him: “I do not make this shit gay , I box. “

Another situation, in addition to his posts on Twitter, was when he insulted actor Peter Lucas in a movie theater complex in Hollywood, California.

The actor accused Chris of having yelled “queer” at him after watching a movie that contained homosexual scenes.

“I walked over and asked him to sign my record, but his guard stopped me and said they wouldn’t sign anything for me. That’s when Chris pulled into the parking lot and yelled at me.”

Chris Brown is also known for having had a relationship with Rihanna, whom he physically assaulted.

Paris hilton

Paris Hilton was the protagonist of a strong scandal in 2012 when a New York taxi driver released an audio in which the actress had a conversation with a friend and pointed to homosexual men as “the hottest people in the world (…) they are disgusting Most of them probably have AIDS. “

Later, her representatives released a statement justifying Hilton’s comments, endorsing that “she is a great supporter of the gay community and would never intentionally make a negative comment about anyone’s sexual orientation.”

“Paris Hilton’s comments were made in reference to the fact that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that can lead to a life-threatening illness.”

Manny pacquiao

In 2016, boxer Manny Pacquiao knocked himself out with his own glove when he stated in an interview that people who have gay relationships are “worse than animals.”

The Filipino told the portal “Bilang Pilipino” that women are made for men and vice versa.

“If we condone (the sexual relations of) men with men and women with women, that means that the man is worse than an animal.”

Immediately criticism on social networks left him “thrown in the ring”, for which he had to publicly apologize, although he defended his position of disagreeing with same-sex marriage.

Mel Gibson

The actor and director has become famous for his great career in the world of cinema, but he has also been on everyone’s lips after being involved in several controversies, where he has made several statements against the LGBT + community and Jews.

Mel Gibson stated during an interview for El País in 1991 that, “Who is going to think that with this look I am gay? I do not lend myself to that kind of confusion. Do I sound like a homosexual? Do I speak like them? Do I move? Like them? “, not satisfied, when he finished speaking, he got up and pointing to his buttocks added” this is to defecate “.

He also lashed out at Jews blaming them for “all the wars in the world” when he was arrested for driving under the influence in 2006.

The actor, without caring, maintained his position and years later assured that: “I will apologize when hell freezes over, screw them.”

The world against homophobia

The fight against aggression and discrimination towards the LGBT + community has had some results over the years; however, it has not been enough for some people who refuse to respect them.

Every May 17, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is celebrated, in order to promote tolerance for those with a gender identity or sexual orientation other than what society considers “normal”.

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What is homophobia?

Homophobia is defined as hatred, rejection, aversion, prejudice and discrimination against people who have sexual orientations other than heterosexuality.

This behavior is mainly associated against members of the LGBT + community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender).

Homophobia, points out the portal of the Government of Mexico, has a direct effect on this population, which is reflected in the rejection, lack of opportunities, education, access to employment, health, among many other rights.

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