Celebrities join in the first edition of MasterChef Celebrity México – El Sol de México

Flavors of Mexican gastronomy that have evolved over the generations and especially the seasoning, which distinguishes any dish, is what the 20 personalities who will compete in the first edition of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 promise, under the leadership of Rebecca de Alba , on his return to national television.

Produced by Ángel Aponte (also producer of La Academia) the reality show will feature the participation of Laura Zapata, Stephanie Salas, Laura Flores, Aida Cuevas, former beauty queen Alicia Machado, Patricia Navidad, José Joel, Tony Balardi, journalists Matilde Obregón and Jimena Pérez La Choco, former academic Dalu, Daniela Bebeshita, Mauricio Islas, Jorge Aravena, William Valdés, Germán Montero, Tony Balardi, designer David Salomón, athlete Aristeo Cazares, Javier Vásquez and Paco Chacón.

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Among the glamor, style, beauty and driving experience of Rebecca de Alba will guide the 20 participants in this reality show, in which not only succulent dishes are expected, but also the management of strategies to work as a team.

And ready to qualify, this season’s judges are Betty Vázquez, Adrián Herrera, José Ramón Castillo and Fernando Estovel, as guest judge. Coming soon, the first edition of this renowned contest, now with celebrities.

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