In recent days, the breakup of Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra and now his ex-girlfriend, Argentine singer and model Tini Stoessel, generated a wave of headlines in pink magazines and entertainment media. And a Mexican soap opera plot was in sight with the alleged appearance of the Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola, well known for her peculiar character “Lucrecia Montesinos”, in the Netflix series, “Elite”. Undoubtedly, the name of Danna gave a red-hot color to the breakup of the dating of the famous couple.

Now a new character gives a twist to this plot with the supposed relationship that could exist between Danna Paola and her former series partner, the Spanish actress Ester Expósito, who is known in the famous series as “Carla Rosón Caleruega”.

During the farewell for the departure of the actresses of “Elite”, a video was filmed in which Danna is seen kneeling and handing over a ring to Expósito, and asks him to unite their lives. Apparently the young actresses sealed their love with a kiss

Danna Paola and Yatra

It was the fans of the singer and actress Danna Paola who spread the rumor and began to question her special admiration for the Colombian singer, whom she always stood out in the publications on her social networks. Like when he published a video announcing the launch of a challenge around his song “Contigo” and the first to tag was Sebastián Yatra.

The actress was also a little nervous, a few days ago, when in the middle of a “Live” all the questions revolved around the alleged relationship with Yatra.

To end the rumors, the actress playing “Lucrecia” shared a clip in which she stated: “Are you talking to me? What a dilemma! In this conflict I am like Switzerland, a beautiful, rich country and I do not get into anybody’s wars ”, the actress published as a response to the rumors.

Yatra debuts bachelorhood

While Sebastián Yatra premiered his bachelorhood released the song “Under the table”, along with his compatriots Morat, and took the opportunity to thank everything he learned during his courtship with actress and singer Tini Stoessel.

In an interview for Elle magazine she said: “I have always told her and I will always say it. Thanks to her I have learned to take care of myself a little more. And that is everything. I made so many decisions for the artist that sometimes I forgot the human being that I am also, ”he told the publication.

The announcement of the official separation happened last week when both published in a statement confirming the breakup.