Celebration showed “what Mercedes really are like”

Speaking in public for the first time since his accident at Silverstone, Verstappen He said he maintained his opinion that his rival had not acted correctly during the accident in Britain and its subsequent festivities.

After confirming that he had spoken by phone with Hamilton after the accident, Verstappen did not qualify his opinion that it was a mistake on the part of his rival to be so happy after his triumph in the British GP.

“If you mean disrespect, it’s when one guy is in the hospital and the other is waving the flag like nothing happened while you pushed the other competitor against the wall at a 51 G-force impact … . “said the Red Bull driver.

“But not only that, but also the reaction of the whole team.”

“I think that is not how victory is celebrated, especially a victory like they got it. So yeah that’s what I found really disrespectful and in a way I mean it shows what they really are like. It comes out after a pressure situation. But I wouldn’t want them to see me like this. “

Verstappen’s team, Red Bull, also criticized the way Mercedes celebrated, with Austrian team boss Christian Horner redoubling his post-British GP column discomfort over the behavior of his rivals.

Verstappen did not elaborate on the content of the conversation with Hamilton after the race, nor if they had discussed how to approach the battle between them from now on.

“Yes he called me,” said the Dutchman. “I don’t need to go into details about that, but we did have a conversation.”

Despite remaining unhappy about what happened, Verstappen said he was eager to try to draw a line from what happened.

“You can’t change the result anyway,” he said. “I’m not happy with what happened there, especially for losing so many points because of someone else, but it is what it is.”

“I can’t say much more about it. I hit the wall hard, which is never what you want, but we will of course try to have a good weekend here.”

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