Celebrating her 33rd birthday, Rihanna celebrates with tremendous photos

Celebrates her 33rd birthday, Rihanna celebrates with tremendous photos (INSTAGRAM)

Celebrates her 33rd birthday, Rihanna celebrates with tremendous photos | INSTAGRAM

One of the most loved celebrities, admired and desired by the audience is undoubtedly Rihanna, the Barbadian singer that captivates the gaze of anyone, with that mesmerizing beauty, worthy of being appreciated in the most exclusive museums.

In addition to her innate talent, with which she enchants the ears of millions around the world, something that all of us fans of the singer sincerely miss, well, it is well known that since she launched her line of hot and elegant lingerie, Riri has stopped wearing side completely everything related to music industry.

Yesterday, the beautiful young woman turned 33 years old, and, although she could not celebrate With a great event, with mariachis and Mexican drinks, as he did last year, on this occasion he could not do more than pose to delight the pupil of his millions of fervent admirers, celebrating one more year of life.

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Although, it is not a secret that the singer’s birthday parties had become a true reference every year, practically becoming one of the best and most anticipated events of the year, on this occasion the singer has shown her more sensible side by reducing the number of invited friends and family closer to us.

Honestly, it was the best thing she could do, because in this way she contributes to the fact that the whole thing with the global health contingency is gradually diminishing, so, forgetting for a few hours about her business problems, surely Rihanna enjoyed the most of a Such a special day surrounded by friends, among which could be the rapper and producer A $ AP Rocky with whom she has been related in recent months.

To celebrate with herself, having reached another return to the sun, the singer gave us a series of impressive and splendid images of her, which ended up melting all the Internet users who have seen the fabulous images.

It was an iconic photo shoot, where we can appreciate the out-of-this-world beauty of the talented singer from Barbados, posing from inside a pool, while she observes in a completely attractive way, as is her custom, an emblematic photo album, of herself, something that was great entertainment for many users.


In the images we can appreciate the impressive beauty of the singer, as well as subtly showing us her charming front attributes, posing very vain from the edge of the pool, with her back turned.

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A fact that has more than fascinated her 92 million followers in this social network, thousands of them, dedicated comments that flatter her impressive natural beauty, stating that Rihanna is without a doubt, the most precious woman on earth.

In addition, it was really several important companies in the United States who took a few moments to write words of congratulations to the talented and beautiful singer.

As did its own brand Fenty, who from its official profile on Instagram dedicated some beautiful words of congratulations and thanks to the creator, in addition to that days ago an important statement was given, because, because of such an important date, they revived some limited edition models, inspired by the beautiful red lips of our beloved Riri.

Despite having become one of the most successful international artists, the whole issue regarding the health contingency, has also broken into the singer’s business forcing her to make a decision about her firm, Fenty.

Rihanna and LVMH have jointly made the decision to put Fenty’s activity on the European continent on pause, waiting for market conditions to improve, so for the moment, the merchandise will only circulate on this continent.

We hope you had an excellent time, in the same way, we wish you much prosperity and happiness on your 33rd birthday, for now we remain anxious about the new models of your lingerie firm, which should not take long to reach the market.