He dog It is one of the great pets of the human being: it is faithful, friend, confidant, companion. Therefore, whether or not it is a special occasion, such as your birthday, it is good to give him a prize and / or gift for his good compartment.

Today we will show you a recipe to make a cake suitable for dogs: It is very simple, practically the same as a traditional cake, but delicious and above all digestible for them.

Cake suitable for dogs, a delicious one for dogs! Delight your dog with this meatloaf, tasty and easy!


250 grams of flour (white or whole, although it is a better mixture).
Three fresh chicken eggs.
250 grams of minced meat of chicken, beef or lamb (without skin or bones).
A small spoonful of yeast.
A thimble of olive oil.
A plain yogurt (optional).
Natural pork pate (optional for decoration / filling).


We will use a wide container where we can mix all the ingredients until we get a homogeneous mass.
We will add the eggs without shell and we will beat them, then we will add the flour little by little to avoid lumps.
Once we have the dough more or less prepared, we will add the yeast, the oil and the minced meat, mixing everything thoroughly so that it is well homogeneous. Add a little yogurt (it is optional in case your pet dislikes it).
Once we have all the ingredients well kneaded, we will smear a little oil in the cake pan (thus preventing the dough from sinking while cooking) and pour the dough into it.
We will heat the oven to one hundred and ninety degrees and put the cake in its pan for twenty or thirty minutes. The way to know if it is already well cooked is to prick it with a stick or fork, if it comes out clean (without remnants of dough) the cake is ready.
Once we take it out of the oven we must wait for it to cool completely, at least for an hour or two. We can cover the cake with a little natural pork pate or open the cake in half and spread paté inside, as a filling.

Delight your dog with this meatloaf, tasty and easy!

When giving it to your dog, it is best to break it in little portions and go giving them little by little. If your dog is medium or small you can save part of the cake to distribute it in a couple of days.

The cake temperature It is very important, dogs can eat it even fresh from the oven and get burned. So we must make sure that it is completely cold before serving it.