Celebrate Noelia, future changes in Mexican legislation!

Celebrate Noelia, future changes in Mexican legislation! | Instagram

The singer Noelia shared a news on her official Instagram account that has filled her with joy, because she is excited with the information that some legislators provided her about possible future changes to the Mexican legislation.

For a few days she shared her disagreement with some songs that denigrate women and that some songs even refer to them as objects.

Being she who has also been affected by this type of content, the beautiful celebrity decided to take action on the matter, that is why she has promoted on her social networks and perhaps with some talks with Mexican legislators she achieved her mission.

The news that Noelia received by the leaders of the norms of our country was that they will be working on a creation of a law that aims to prevent women from continuing to be mocked and abused by certain singers who with their lyrics do nothing but denigrate to the woman.

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It would prohibit foreigners from entering the National Territory who, with their Songs, Compositions or Performances, promote verbal aggression towards Women “, part of Noelia’s message.

Several of his followers have commented that they are happy with this news, due to the fact that this type of melodies do not contribute anything to society, in addition to the fact that in turn they are only a bad influence for the people who listen to them. most are young.

10 hours ago that the beautiful singer, model and businesswoman She shared this publication on her Instagram, with only 88 comments she has to feel more than supported, because each and every one of them are signs of support for Noelia who shared the news publicly if not also for the entire country.

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Someone mentioned that it is a very good example and that they should apply it in their country Argentina, surely as Noelia wishes, this new regulation will change the country for the better, although without a doubt, as any law that has just been created, it will be a bit complicated to adapt to it. although it will surely be accepted in time.

As well as the interpreter of “Candle“She has felt harassed by the lyrics of some songs that refer to her, perhaps millions of women have felt the same when listening to melodies where they denigrate their femininity, without a doubt this will be a huge advance for Mexico, we hope it will be an example for other countries.