Celebrate May 5 in Miami with and without masks – Telemundo Miami (51)

The new controversy between those who prefer to continue protecting themselves from a possible contagion of COVID-19 and those who follow the policy of the state governor to the letter. DeSantis signed a law on Monday to abolish local government guidelines related to coronavirus mitigation measures.

“I think it is the correct decision based on the evidence, to maintain the restrictions would be to not believe in science, the purpose of vaccines is that people can live and enjoy freely,” said DeSantis.

“He has the command to say what should be done in the state because what he says is followed,” says a client.

While another assures that “always with care and as each one feels comfortable, when one is already vaccinated like me one can have a little more freedom”.

And it is that as the mayor of Miami Dade County said recently, “we still have that pandemic, less than half of the people have received the vaccine.”

The new state order has been followed by some cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale that lifted the restrictions due to COVID-19.

Barry Gutin, owner of the Cuba Libre restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, says:

“We understand that our customers feel safer and more confident if they have a clerk who comes to their table and is wearing a mask.”

“Everyone can set their standards in their business in their restaurant or in their bar and everyone is free to go where they feel comfortable and where they feel respected,” says one client.

Nery, manager of the restaurant El Jacalito, assures: “we continue to use the masks and the hands sanitizer as many measures as possible”.

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