The days go by, the pandemic does not stop and the slowdown that affects all global sports forces us to think about deadlines. Thus, the President of UEFA, Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin, assured in an interview to German television ZDF that on August 3 “everything must be finished, both the Champions League and the Europa League

04/04/2020 at 23:10


“We have different options on the table to resume competitions, such as It is June or July, or even the option of not playing again this season“he assured.”We depend on governments to finish deciding, but August 3 is the deadline. In September or in October you cannot play

Too The format of the European competitions is being debated due to the possibility of not having enough dates if the current situation lengthens and the different governments of Europe do not authorize the return of football.

We can play with the current system or do it in a single match, with a draw to know who plays at home or do it on a neutral field. We also contemplate the option of a ‘final four’ or a ‘final to eight’. The situation is extraordinary and we could share dates or times with the Leagues, “he said. Ceferin.

The president of the continental soccer team finally stressed that “there are many theories but we must be flexible. If the crisis passes earlier, we will start earlier, but we will not put anyone’s health at risk coming back ahead of time or in conditions other than the right ones. ”