Actress Cecilia Romo, who continues in intensive care after her fight against COVID-19, is stable after undergoing surgery.

Mexican actress Cecilia Romo, who continues in intensive care after his fight against coronavirus COVID-19, she is stable, after undergoing a surgical intervention, she also managed to interact with her doctor and expressed the illusion that her granddaughter would see her dressed as a fifteen-year-old, as stated by her daughter Claudia Edelman.

“He just finished the operation they did to my mom, they did a gastrostomy, which is a tube in the stomach to be able to nourish her there, because they needed to remove the tube she had in her nose, which they fed her, because my mother was already upset, ”she revealed in an interview with Notimex.

He added that the actress “was strong enough to make that change, so I authorized her, and the great news is that mom is perfect, she is already without fan, breathing for herself, her lungs They work well, she already requires very little pressure from external support and she is also connected on an interactive level, she talks little, but today she spoke, until now she was only moving her hands. ”

As Edelman explained, after the doctor Talking to Romo about her granddaughter’s fifteenth birthday party, the actress managed to answer with difficulty “I more.”

“My mom before going to intensive therapy She was very excited to see her granddaughter’s fifteenth birthday, and she told me: ‘The thing that pulls me most to be back is your daughter’s fifteenth birthday,” she said.

Cecilia Romo had been a participant in the preparations for the party, they had even planned to do a dance number together: “Their fifteen years are going to be in December because we had said that we were going to do a choreography, we were going to do a song and dance to it”, mentioned.

Romo’s illusion was so great that she went to a school to prepare herself before she was fifteen: “She went to school singing lessons before taking the COVID-19, to be able to sing at my daughter’s party, then, when the doctor starts talking to my mom about the quinceañera, she smiles, so we know that it is something that makes her hold on to life ” revealed.

“On a health level, it is fine, disconnected, holding with the lungs, controlled arrhythmia, all controlled vital signs and we as a family are putting on May 27 to decree that that day will pass from intensive therapy to intermediate and we can only ask them to join in prayer, to follow its course and no other bacteria will be put in it anymore ”, concluded the daughter of Cecilia Romo.

With information from Notimex