20 years after Romeo and Juliet, Cécilia Cara signs her big comeback with an album between pop and Latin music. A new start that she needed the most after separating from her son’s father, Arthur Jugnot.

Cécilia Cara and Arthur Jugnot, it’s ancient history. After having lived a beautiful idyll, the two artists decided to take different paths. But the former couple will always be united by their son, Célestin, seven years old. In the columns of Point of view, the singer has also assured that she had remained very close to her former companion. “We get along very well and we rebuilt our lives. With Arthur, we had a really great love affair and we were both smart enough to make sure it ended well, “she said. So even during the confinement period, while Cécilia Cara was confined to the countryside, she got along very well with the father of her son always in his interest. Célestin has been and will always remain at the center of their concerns.

Today, again in love, she does not say she is closed to expanding her little family, but it is not on the agenda. “I love children, I’m a real mother hen, so I tell myself why not …” In the meantime, she hopes that her new album, which she has self-produced, will please her audience, who are waiting for her first album for 20 years.

Cécilia Cara is eager to find her audience

Indeed, after her great experience in Romeo and Juliet, the young woman, who was then only 15 years old, needed to devote herself to something other than music. She thus embarked on comedy. She landed small roles in television series or in the theater. “Playing in the theater or taking part in a shoot is always enriching and complementary with the profession of singer. I had taken a few acting lessons before Romeo and Juliet, but I especially learned on the job, in contact with the directors. ” With her new album, she hopes to find her audience who has given her so much.

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2/6 – 25th Nuit des Molieres Cecilia Cara Paris – 04/17/2011

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3/6 – Mimie Mathy is decorated by Jean Claude Camus with the medal of knight in the national order of merit-at the end of his show-December 14, 2013-theater de la porte saint martin-paris- Mimie Mathy, Arthur jugnot and Cecilia Cara

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4/6 – Cécilia Cara attends the premiere of Ghost at the Mogador theater in Paris, France, on 09/26/2019.

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5/6 – Salon du Chocolat 2007 (hairdressing / makeup Lucie Saint-Clair) whose profits will go to the Association de la Voix de l’Enfant Paris Porte de Versailles on 10/18/2007 Cecilia Cara (singer)


6/6 – Cecilia Cara. Mamma Mia’s Musical Premiere by Benny Anderson Björn Ulvaeus at Theater Mogador in Paris. 10/28/10. KCS Press.