CDMX will have a festival in honor of Tim Burton’s cinema with themed weddings included

Tim Burton is one of those directors who has fans all over the world. His quite particular style makes him recognizable in all corners of the Earth and he has in his curriculum a good number of films that have gone down in history as unmissable cult works. Through Time Out it is reported that Casa Franciscana wants to honor the filmmaker through a spectacular thematic festival that will bring together the best of his work. Fans of Burton in Mexico City they will be pleased with the good news.

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Since the seventies Tim Burton he is dedicated to working as a director and his work was gradually recognized by large audiences. He is now known worldwide for having been behind notable films such as Batman – 72%, The Young Scissorhands – 91%, The Corpse of the Bride – 83% and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – 86% of Fleet Street, not to mention that he also worked as a product of Jack’s Strange World – 94%. Its gloomy and gloomy aesthetic continues to be recognized by many and not a few adopt it even as a lifestyle.

According to Time Out, a festival will be held on May 22 in honor of Tim Burton at Casa Franciscana, the cultural forum located in the Historic Center of Mexico City. The event is also sponsored by Lotto Producciones and entry tickets start at 50 pesos, however, a series of amazing packages will also be made available to attendees for those who are looking for an unusual experience.

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Mention is made of the Sally Package, a couple of general tickets, a couple of commemorative shirts, beers and themed wedding for 600 pesos; Wedding Package with the two tickets, two rings and the corresponding marriage certificate that will guarantee the ceremony for 350 pesos; the Borderline Friends Package that includes the pair of tickets, two special drinks, two players and event pins for 500 pesos; and the Oggie Boogie Package for one person with special shirt included. It is clear that Casa Franciscana and Lotto Producciones are throwing the house out of the window to make this festival the best event for fans.

The festival of Tim Burton It will have different contests (including cosplay), bazaars where you can find a variety of products with the director’s logo, film screenings and special sets for fans to take pictures. Time Out indicates that to ensure your attendance at the event you must send a private message to the Casa Franciscana or Lotto Producciones page on Facebook, this in order to confirm the tickets and receive the information corresponding to the payment method. Of course, the festival will have limited capacity, so you will have to hurry to save a place; remember, the hours are from 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon. Are you ready for a celebration like few others in CDMX?

The next project of Tim Burton is the live-action series of Merlin on the Netflix platform. The news was a great surprise since since 2019 the filmmaker had not been involved in any renowned project. Now fans of Mad Addams They look forward to the product with great excitement and for Burton to do a good job with the plot. Who will be the actors who take the main roles? So far some names have been mentioned but nothing is confirmed, we will have to wait a little longer to find out. So far no tentative release date has been revealed.

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