CdMx. Total of older adults from three municipalities have already been vaccinated

The entire elderly population in Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras and Milpa Alta received the AstraZeneca dose on the fourth day of the national vaccination campaign.

According to the capital government, of the 83,047 adults over 60 years of age registered with the National Electoral Institute, 83,037 were vaccinated.

In the 3 municipalities, 82,637 older adults were immunized in the vaccination units, and 400 bedridden at home and nursing homes.

In Cuajimalpa, 28 thousand 439 doses were applied, in Magdalena Contreras 40 thousand 535, and Milpa Alta 14 thousand 063.

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, assured that the vaccination goal was met and thanked citizens and health workers.

“Thanks to the Citizenship, to the @ s health workers of @Tu_IMSS @ISSSTE_mx @SEMAR_mx @SSaludCdMx @Pemex to servants of the City and the Nation, we have met the goal of vaccinating adults aged 60 and over in three municipalities. Tomorrow they will still be vaccinating at home. ”, He expressed on Twitter.

The capital authorities reported that tomorrow, February 19, the vaccination units will no longer open, but the vaccination brigades at home and homes for the elderly and bedridden people will continue, which so far have 400 vaccinated people.

They specified that older adults already have an appointment for the second dose that will be applied between eight or 12 weeks later.

The population of people lying at home in the three municipalities is 1,67, who will be vaccinated in an estimated three days from this date, the city government detailed.

In Cuajimalpa, the Capital Health Secretariat has registered 419 patients in prostration condition, Magdalena Contreras is 476, and in Milpa Alta 172, to whom the service will be provided at home.

The agency explained that in order to apply the vaccine in the indicated time, a tentative goal of eight daily vaccinations per brigade was established. The reason for this number of doses for each field work team is due to the distances between the homes of the people to be vaccinated and the 30-minute wait for medical personnel to know the reaction of each vaccinated person.

In the event that someone could have an allergic reaction, the health team will attend to them immediately, for which they have the supplies to face a mild crisis. In severe cases, an ambulance is available to take him to a hospital and provide the necessary care, he said.