CdMx strengthens ties with Qatar

Qatar and Mexico City forged ties to strengthen economic cooperation through the Qatar Fund for Development, created in 2002.

During a meeting in which they participated Mohammed alkuwari, Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Mexico, and Fadlalah Akabani, Secretary of Economic Development of Mexico City, highlighted that the Qatar Fund for Development worked hand in hand with the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

“He’s going to make a $ 50 million grant to The Lives and Livelihoods Fund. In addition, he donated more than $ 26 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2017, ”Alkuwari said.

In addition, he detailed, in May 2017 it began to finance the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund, and cooperate with the United Nations Population Fund to improve health services in Yemen, in such a way that it is supporting the acquisition of covid-19 vaccines in association with GAVI (The Vaccine Alliance), for 92 countries in the world .

Going forward, said the ambassador, his mission of working for hope, peace and justice in the areas where he reaches his help continues.

The fund, he said, has increased its response to emergency, reconstruction programs and sustainable development in all parts of the world. It has also expanded its investments to educate girls and boys without schools. In the same way, it highlights that it has saved thousands of lives from cholera, due to diseases caused by the war, through the construction of hospitals and care centers.

For his part, Fadlalah Akabani recognized three interrelated dimensions of sustainable development, economic, social and environmental. He also pointed out that Mexico City has a 2019-2024 Government Program with commitments and actions, organized into six axes: Equal rights, a sustainable city, more and better mobility, being the cultural capital of America, and zero aggression and greater security, as well as science, innovation and transparency.

Akabani proposed options to collaborate with the Qatar development fund:

1. Infrastructure, transportation and buildings: With an investment in solar infrastructure for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of buildings of the Government of Mexico City. A « Solar City » with 210 public buildings, photovoltaic capacity of 12,341 kWp, estimated investment of 300 million pesos, with annual savings of 56 million pesos.

2.- SMEs and Economic Empowerment. Financing, training, technical support and capacity building for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for entrepreneurs who wish to start new businesses through Fondeso. Support for micro and small businesses. A single amount of 10,000 pesos, with a payment term of 24 months, a grace period of 4 months, and an ordinary interest rate of zero percent.