CdMx. Sheinbaum inaugurates PILARES Tlacopan, in Miguel Hidalgo

Leonardo Lugo

Mexico City / 02.20.2021 15:51:40

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, inaugurated the Point of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILARES) Tlacopan, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, which will offer cultural and sports services to citizens.

« We are delivering this PILLARS, which has the objective of providing the right to education, culture, sports, the right to work, » he said.

In a press conference, the capital’s president pointed out that the space where the PILLARES is located, it was one historically abandoned and unsafe, which was recovered.

« It was an abandoned space with a lot of insecurity and today we are recovering it and that is finally the objective of PILARES, to recover through public space and access to rights, spaces that have been historically abandoned, » he declared.

« There is an opportunity to recover the social fabric and give many young people, not only young people, but also girls, boys, adults the opportunity to have a decent space to potentially develop whatever they want, » he added.

The mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, explained that the PILLARES will have:

Cyber ​​school Multipurpose room for emotional and cognitive skills workshop Carpentry workshop Heavy-duty room for blacksmith workshop Body arts room, to offer dance and ballet Jewelry and accessory workshop

“We are going to have a fundamental education point, also for recreation, for sports, here a public park has already been built, here we can do runner, correr, boxing, sports activities and here is behind the bull, next to the ninth and the Tacuba market, one of the largest in the city, ”said Romo Guerra.