CdMx. Semovi installed portable toilets as a measure against covid

Janayna mendoza

Mexico City / 20.01.2021 18:37:22

The secretary of mobility, Andrés Lajous Loaeza, reported that six portable toilets were installed in Pantitlán, Indios Verdes, Observatorio, Chapultepec, Tacubaya and Taxqueña, which were donated by Vitas Strategies as an extra measure to mitigate infections by covid-19.

“In terms of mitigation actions due to the health emergency, we installed 6 portable toilets donated by the foundation Vitas StrategiesThey all have soap and water. And the support staff, let’s say there is a container that later makes the disposal of the used water « 

The official added that so far 46,000 face masks have been given away and 475 liters of gel have been applied to users. Similarly, he urged citizens to follow basic health measures: mandatory use of face masks, disinfection and / or frequent hand washing and keeping the windows of the units open.

Moreover, as part of the Support strategy of the Integrated Mobility Network (MI) said that this morning the largest number of buses and personnel were deployed in the field, to support citizens in their transfers.

« Today 1,445 emerging transport units and a total of 2,405 officials of the government of Mexico City participated in all points of the affected Metro lines. »

He also added that last Tuesday an operation was carried out in Medical Center in order to organize transport and, therefore, reduce waiting times to 4.7 minutes, modify pedestrian flows and give more guidance to users. In addition to this, he stressed that in Tacubaya a second ascent and descent area was enabled.

“The operation had started with two lines, some aimed at Observatory and others to Pantitlán, but a single row of buses and buses were interspersed to go out to their destinations; However, although this gave us a fluidity in the waiting line, it generated certain waiting times for users who were already on the buses and for that reason we decided to separate the pick-up places. Now one of these is for Observatorio and the other for Pantitlán ”.