CDMX presents a reduction in femicides: FGJCMDX


In the Mexico City from January to May of this year crimes of intentional homicide against women and femicide, had a reduction of 9.8 percent and 15.6 percent respectively compared to the same period of 2020 reported the head of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice in the capital, Ernestina Godoy.

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However, in the case of rape, sexual abuse and family violence the indicators showed an increase of 49.8 percent, 12.2 percent and 31.7 percent respectively.

We observe increases in crimes that have historically had a very high black figure such as sexual crimes and family violence.

“We attribute the increase in these complaints to two causes: the first is the empowerment of women, we no longer remain silent in the face of violence; the second is that trust is being generated in the authorities. At the Prosecutor’s Office we have opened the doors to women every day, we learn about victims, we investigate their cases, and every time we bring more aggressors before the judges, ”he explained.

During his participation in the presentation of the Monthly Report of the Alert for Violence against Women in Mexico City, Godoy Ramos highlighted that in relation to the involvement of the aggressors in the process, in feminicide compared to the figures from January to May 2019 with those of 2021, there was an increase of 550 percent.

In violation, the increase was 195.24 percent; in sexual abuse of 21.95 percent; and family violence of 65.91%. He highlighted that, of the total the sexual offenders taken behind bars, 194 were arrested in flagrante delicto on public roads or in public transport.

For its part the sUndersecretary of Institutional Development of the Secretariat of Citizen Security Marcela Figueroa announced that this month he started a course for police officers on issues of attention to cases of gender violence against women, legitimate use of force with a gender perspective, masculinity against violence against women, among others.

It added that, from January to June, 111 administrative investigation files were launched for violence against policewomen.

“45 percent of these have been concluded, it is important to remember that the police are informed about their right to justice and the possibility of reporting to the ministerial authority and when the events constitute serious crimes, the victim is informed that in addition to the complaint, the unit will report to the corresponding authority ”.

For its part the Secretary for Women, Ingrid Gómez, mentioned that through the Territorial Units for Attention and Prevention of Violence (LUNAS), From January 2020 to May of this year, of the 941 detected cases of femicide risk, 374 were reduced, that is, 40 percent.

At the time the President of the Superior Court of Justice of the capital, Rafael Guerra mentioned that Mexico City has a cause determined by eradicate violence against women, as well as the pact of silence that for so many years allowed the normalization of violence and its dissimulation, the purpose said is to overturn the strength of all institutions so that justice in favor of women is real, fast, effective and sensitive.

“We continue working with the full awareness that these stories are not figures, or isolated cases, the rhetoric of numbers loses meaning if we forget that we are institutions and we owe ourselves to people of flesh and blood. Our responsibility has a life, a name and a pulse and we will dedicate ourselves to it with the greatest effort and we will continue to do so by working together ”.

Also present at the event were the national commissioner to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women, Fabiola Alanis; and the General Director for the Promotion of a Life Free of Violence and Promotion of Political Participation of the National Institute of Women, Anabel López.

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