As we have already seen, the situation around the coronavirus pandemic is affecting a lot of people and economic sectors around the world. Our country is not spared from these conditions, since before the phase 2 of the contingency was implemented, musicians and live concerts were the most affected by this measure, especially since the vast majority of massive events such as festivals Pa’l Norte, Vaivén, Ceremony and Hellow, as well as individual shows had to be postponed or canceled to prevent the contagion from spreading further.

Beyond that our favorite bands have made the decision to cancel or move their concert in Mexico, behind all this many people who live from live performances have had to be out of work for the moment and in the middle of the pandemic. That is why the Single Union of Music Workers of the Federal District and the Show It is requesting the federal government as well as the capital to take action on the matter.

Photo / Facebook: SUTM Musicians

In particular, what they are asking is that they be considered within two programs that exist in Mexico and that offer social security, the Fund for the Prevention and Attention of Emergencies and the Unemployment Insurance for the General Population promoted by the Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion. This because of the vast majority of them live daily and do not have benefits that protect them in a contingency like the current one.

Beyond asking for it right now, each of the union members agrees to carry out each of the procedures that are in the law in order to receive these supports as the coronavirus situation improves and they can return to their normal activities, since as we say, almost everyone supports themselves financially from live shows:

“The national emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, has left thousands of performing musicians in distress who have had their agendas for public and private events canceled, as well as audio and video recordings, classes, concerts and recitals, generating massive unemployment not only for musicians, the entire artistic community is currently committed to its economy. ”

If you want to check the full communiqué shared by the Single Union of Music Workers, you can check it Around here.