CDMX identifies 25 cases of coronavirus in 19 markets; several suspend work

The Government of the Mexico City reported this Saturday that 25 cases of contagion by coronavirus in markets of 11 mayors, so several of them had to close their doors, before the imminent increase in cases that will arise in the coming days.

Four cases of Covid-19 in markets from the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office; one in Cuajimalpa; one in Cuauhtémoc; one in Gustavo A. Madero; five in iztacalco; two in Iztapalapa; and one in Magdalena Contreras.

Given this situation, the Clavería market in Azcapotzalco will suspend its activities, while that of the Prohogar neighborhood will partially close to carry out deep sanitation processes, hoping to return to normal until May 12.

In the Gustavo A. Madero city hall, the work of the La Raza tianguis was suspended to avoid the agglomeration of 70 thousand people

In Cuauhtémoc, 15 of the 39 markets have remained closed in recent days, and are expected to continue for an indefinite period.

In Iztapalapa, one of the municipalities identified as a red spot in the spread of Covid-19, nearly 57 thousand merchants have stopped their work, due to the suspension of seven markets on wheels.

CDMX near the peak of coronavirus infections

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, indicated on Monday that she will hold a meeting via videoconference with the mayors to guarantee that healthy distance measures are maintained in each of the demarcations, while the capital expects the number of deaths and infections reach their peak between May 6 and 10, according to UNAM estimates.

“These markets that have closed are because there is a case of Covid-19 and in coordination with the mayors themselves and the tenants decided to close them,” Sheinbaum said.

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On Friday, the president explained that there are several factors for CDMX to become the main focus of infections in the country, but that “the most important thing is that we were one of the first entities that had the first case (…) and the own conditions of population density ”.

So far, Mexico City has registered 5,209 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, as well as 409 deaths and 196 people recovered. Along with the State of Mexico, the city accounts for about 43 percent of the total number of patients intubated by the virus in Mexico.