In Mexico there are currently 220,657 cumulative confirmed cases of coronavirus, of these 23,389 are active cases and are 27,121 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in the country.

This morning, at a press conference by President Andrés Manuel López López Obrador, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, explained that the behavior of the epidemic behaves differently in each state due to the mobility and amount of population of each one.

Large and densely populated entities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey could spread an epidemic until September or even OctoberHowever, in contrast, cities such as Tijuana, which grew their contagion rate very fast, have decreased their contagion curve in seven weeks.

In addition, the epidemiologist indicated that Covid-19 will add to the influenza season which will start from October to March.

« How long will the epidemic last? It cannot be specified, however scientific conjectures estimate that could last two or three years synchronously in the world, Given this reality, the New Normality implies living that we cannot eliminate risk in an absolute way, but we can integrate into activities in society by doing it in a way that you can decrease those risks such as healthy distance less than two meters, hand washing”, Detailed López-Gatell.

He said that six out of 10 people, that is, 59% of those infected, that is, 131,254 have recoveredAlthough he noted that some have a slow recovery of weeks or even months.

14 states are in red traffic lights (maximum alertness) and the remaining 18 in orange, which represents high risk.

On the figures by state, the data show that the Mexico City continues to record the highest number of infections and deaths nationwide, with 47,437 and 6,456, respectively.

Likewise, regarding the confirmed active cases at the head, the Mexico City (3,431) and they follow the Estado de México (2,039), Puebla (1,632), Guanajuato (1,358), Tabasco (1,177), Tamaulipas (1,089) and Veracruz (1,089), Yucatán (1,066) and Coahuila (1,017). The three entities with the least amount are Zacatecas with 186, Colima with 130, and Chihuahua with 100.

According to official counts, the five most affected entities, in relation to people who have passed away due to illness, are the Mexico City at the head, followed by the State of Mexico (4,200), Baja California (1,899), Veracruz (1,522), Sinaloa (1,257), Puebla (1,241) and Tabasco (1,032).

The incidence rate of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the country is 18.30. The state with the highest disease burden within the active epidemic is Yucatan with 47.18, also highlighting Tabasco with 45.75, Mexico City with 38.04, Quintana Roo with 35.1, Coahuila with 31.59 and Baja California Sur with 31.06.

In relation to the previous day, 3,805 new infected patients, which represents the 1.8 percent increase. Additionally, they were accounted for 2,055 suspected deaths.

On the international scene, there have been 10,021,401 positive cases accumulated in the world. Of this total, 2,195,594 (22%) belongs to the group of patients who are assets and sources of contagion. The overall case-fatality rate is 5 percent.

America remains the continent most affected by the pandemic, as it is home to 57.4%, 1,260,671 confirmed active cases.

In hospital occupation and availability, as of June 28, the IRAG Network reported that There are 14,789 general IRAG beds available and 11,834 (44%) occupied. With fan, to 5,447 patients can access at 3,517 or 39% occupation. Of the 899 reporting hospitals, 867 or 96% did report to the system.

Health centers for the care of patients with coronavirus continue to register capacity saturation.

According to the data of the Secretary of Health, until the last cut, at the national level, 56% of general hospitalization sites are available and 44% occupied. In beds with fans 61% are available and 39% have reached the limit of their capacity.

However, in the Mexico City it only has a capacity of 39% of total general hospital beds before a 61% occupancy. Regarding care with fans, said entity has a 54% full spaces and 46% availability.

As part of the weekly update of data on the demographic distribution of the disease, the median age of people who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is 45 years and it has affected 55% men while women 45%.

People who have died from COVID-19 are for the most part male sex (66%) and the remaining percentage (34%) corresponds to women who have died from the disease. The average age in this category is 61 years.

Regarding the comorbidities associated with accumulated deaths, the SSa reported that the main three are hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Just the 29% of people who have died of coronavirus do not have diseases as a history.


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