CDMX Elections: They deliver certificates of majority to elected mayors; know them

MEXICO CITY.- The Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) delivered this June 10 the certificates of majority to the candidates elected to govern the mayoralties, as well as to the 33 local deputies with a relative majority.

In events that could be followed by citizens through social networks, the Institute delivered the Majority Certificate to Alfa Eliana González Magallanes, virtual mayor of Tlalpan and her council.

As well as José Carlos Acosta Ruíz, virtual mayor of Xochimilco; Adrián Rubalcava Suárez in Cuajimalpa; Clara Marina Brugada Molina in Iztapalapa and Lía Limón, in Álvaro Obregón.

After the elections held on June 6 in Mexico City, the proof of majority was also delivered in Venustiano Carranza to Evelyn Parra Álvarez and in Azcapotzalco to Margarita Saldaña Hernández.

At District 9 in Cuauhtémoc, the Majority Certificate was given to Sandra Xantall Cuevas Nieves, while in District Council 13, Miguel Hidalgo was awarded to Mauricio Tabe Echartea.

José Giovani Gutiérrez Aguilar in Coyoacán and Francisco Chíguil Figueroa in Gustavo A. Madero also received their proof this Thursday.

Finally, the IECM reported that it delivered the Majority Certificate to Araceli Berenice Hernández Calderón, virtual mayor of Tláhuac; Raúl Armando Quintero Martínez, mayor of Iztacalco; Judith Venegas Tapia, mayor of Milpa Alta; Santiago Tobada Cortina, re-elected mayor of Benito Juárez and Luis Gerardo Quijano Morales, mayor of Magdalena Contreras.

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