CdMx Congress approves 50% reduction in party financing

Cinthya Stettin

Mexico City / 11.30.2020 17:41:54

The United Commissions on Constitutional Points and Citizen Initiatives and Political-Electoral Affairs of the Congress of Mexico City They reduced public funding to political parties by 50 percent, although this measure will take effect until 2024.

Legislators established a transitional period for this reform to come into force the day after the ordinary local electoral process is declared concluded. 2020-2021 in the capital, that is, it will not be applied within the local electoral process, but after it is finished.

« We will try to regain the confidence of the public, who are already fed up with waste and high costs in our electoral system, we must set the example that with less we can do more, take a historic step and have healthy public finances redesigning this budget model ”, said the legislator of Morena, Nazario Norberto Sánchez.

He pointed out that this reform does not contravene the provisions of Article 105 of the Federal Political Constitution, which provides that federal and local laws must be promulgated and published at least 90 days before the electoral process begins, and therefore they made it clear in the transitory article.

Finally, he assured that these actions will allow the reduction of 204 million pesos of the resources allocated to political parties, « which may be used for other purposes, especially due to the health emergency in which we find ourselves, in addition to recovering the confidence of the citizenship ».