CDMX confirms the first case of COVID-19 in school after returning to face-to-face classes

A first year high school student tested positive for COVID-19 and another is a suspect pending the results.

Just four days after the Government of Mexico City began with the voluntary return to face-to-face classes, a secondary school in the capital registered the first positive case of COVID-19.

In a statement published on June 10, the Federal Education Authority in Mexico City (AEFCM) confirmed that a high school first grader of the Tláhuac mayor’s office tested positive for COVID-19.

After experiencing symptoms, the student of the Technical Secondary School No. 80 located in Colonia Miguel Hidalgo southeast of the capital was subjected to a rapid test for COVID-19. Once the positive for SARS-CoV-2 was confirmed, the family notified the campus to start the protocol previously established by the Government of Mexico City and the AEFCM.

According to the Ministry of Public Education, the local health and educational authorities met to “take the necessary provisions in order to safeguard the integrity of the school community” and therefore, the decision was made to interrupt face-to-face classes and resume distance learning until new notice.

Learning to live with the virus in the classroom

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Temporary school closings due to positive COVID-19 cases are common in countries that have kept schools open.

The most representative case is that of France, whose government boasts of quickly resuming classes during the pandemic; However, it was only in mid-March when the country was approaching a third wave that there were 11,272 school closings due to outbreaks between students or teachers.

In Mexico City, the decision to return to classes in person was made on May 19, when the authorities explained that the return to classes would be done voluntarily and staggered, with three filters to avoid contagion between students. After the first case, the SEP explained that it already carries out “epidemiological control actions” among those who had contact with the minor.

In addition to the positive case at Technical Secondary School No. 80, the AEFCM disclosed two suspected cases in the Williams College Mixcoac campus, a private school located south-west of the capital.

Both cases had contact with individuals who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 and although the first was negative after a test, the health and school authorities are waiting to know the result of the second case.

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