CDMX and Quintana Roo concentrate most of the jobs lost in 2020 – Agence SEO

Only two entities in the country concentrated 54.6 percent of the total loss of formal jobs during 2020 caused by measures to contain contagion from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to IMSS data, Mexico City accounted for 39.6 percent of the job losses, that is, 256,145,000 jobs. This represented its first setback since 2009, when 91,868 jobs were destroyed on that occasion.

In the case of Quintana Roo, it represented 15.03 percent of the total, adding a loss of 97 thousand 381 jobs, its first fall after 11 years of increases.

« For the CDMX and Quintana Roo the drop in employment is equivalent to the generation that had been achieved in the last 3 years, » said Alejandro Saldaña, deputy director of economic analysis at Ve por Más.

He explained that a large part of the country’s unemployment had to do with the pandemic, and another important element in the loss of employment was dependence on sectors such as services, commerce, tourism, food and beverage preparation, which halted their activities in the first months of 2020.

He added that there was a very important divergence between entities associated with the effects of the virus, which were asymmetric between sectors and states; « We may start 2021 with the same trend due to the worsening of the pandemic, and despite the deployment of the vaccine we hope it will be until the second half of the year to notice an improvement. »

Other entities with the greatest loss of jobs were Puebla (39,172 places), Guanajuato (34,366), Jalisco (32,332) and Nuevo León (22,568).

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