Cause outrage granny who was violently pushed into a cake

Many considered what happened a lack of respect.

Photo: fotografierende / Pexels

In every celebration what cannot be missing is the cake, since it is the element that adorns the party and that has a very special meaning because it is a symbol of sharing with those you love the most.

About cake at parties It is customary in various parts of the world, including Mexico, that the celebrant is asked to give the traditional “bite” to the cake since many find it a very funny moment to see how someone pushes their face towards the cake so that it ends up completely dirty.

However, on this situation, much controversy has generated a video uploaded to TikTok, which apparently was now recorded in the Mother’s Day.

It turns out that in the video you can see an old woman in front of the cake, whom those present at the celebration ask her to give her a bite. The woman agrees to do so and someone who was close to her violently pushed her on the cake, so his face was completely smeared with cream.


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Despite the fact that the old woman took it with humor, most of the people who have seen the video have severely criticized the action, primarily because they consider it to be a real lack of respect for the old woman.

Also, there are those who have pointed out that this action could endanger the woman, who in the end took the situation with humor, and thirdly because it is unhygienic, especially in this era of pandemic.

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