Caught from a truck, Kendall Jenner makes fun ad

Captured from a truck, Kendall Jenner makes a funny ad | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model Y socialite Kendall Jenner is promoting the new launch of her latest product on the market, it is a drink, specifically a tequila called 818.

We do not know if the businesswoman has obtained a location in Jalisco, Mexico to produce it, since the denomination originally of that drink is from that place, but to what she shared, her product is officially a tequila.

The beautiful model made the announcement through a story, a video in which he was on a truck in what is the delivery of her products which she wanted is personally reviewing.

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The video was quite funny and entertaining for her true fans, who did not imagine being able to see her on a truck in this way, being a businesswoman and famous as renowned as her, the last expected would be this type of situation in her entertainment pieces.

However, the young woman wanted to see the first reactions of the people who received her products, in addition to what she was checking the procedure that her drink has to go through to get to the customers’ house, something quite intelligent on her part and that shows that it is excellent businesswoman like her sisters.


In addition, the young woman also showed an image of herself wearing a very casual outfit, since she is also collaborating with her sisters in the sale of their clothes, they are also excellent businesswomen who have taken advantage of their success in social networks to be able to keep generating income in different ways.

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The most curious thing of all is that it really works quite well to be an influencer of your caliber and promote your products among known friends and fans since also between models they help each other and manage to make a big difference.

In addition to leaning on the sale of their products, celebrities are also helping by commenting on their publications so that on many occasions you can dazzle the name of a famous person in the comment house of another.

Show News we will continue rescuing all that relevant information that arises from the beautiful businesswoman in addition to her curiosities, interesting facts and much more to continue enjoying a few moments with her even through the Internet.

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