Cats love boxes so much they even sit on fake boxes

Investigation Development

After listening to a lecture on how dogs react to visual illusions, Gabriella Smith, an animal cognition scientist at the Thinking Dog Center in New York, wondered if cats they reacted in the same way to optical illusions.

The group of researchers contacted more than 560 cat owners through social networks (specifically on Twitter) to begin an investigation. And, over the course of six days, the volunteers used paper and scissors to create square outlines that created the optical illusion.

Similarly, the volunteers had to design square shapes oriented in such a way that they did not generate any illusion (that is, as if it were the game of ‘Pac-Man’). Also, to prevent owners from influencing the cats in any way, they were asked to they will wear sunglasses to hide their eyes.

Once the owners posted the papers on the floor, they let their pets into the room. Afterwards, the volunteers checked in what ways had the cats decided to sit, and if this lasted more than three seconds. In addition, they had to videotape the test.

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