Catholic bishops in the US clarify that they will not ban Biden from communion for supporting abortion

Conservative bishops seek to ban politicians like Biden from communion over his stance on abortion.

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WASHINGTON – The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a document clarifying that it will not create a “national policy to ban politicians from communion,” in a move aimed at defusing the debate within the Church about the US president. , Joe Biden.

In the text, dated June 21 And released this Saturday by the media, the Conference categorically rejects adopting such a step.

In this way, it has responded to a vote last week by one of its committees to begin creating a doctrinal document on the Eucharist or the meaning of communion, which has sparked a debate on whether said text should include recommendations for politicians who support rights. abortifacient, like Biden, who is a Catholic.

Conference of Catholic Bishops says they just want to raise awareness

The Conference of Catholic Bishops clarified that the objective of this document is not that. It is about “a clear understanding of the teachings of the Church to create greater awareness among believers about how the Eucharist can transform our lives and bring us closer to our Creator and the life he wants for us.”

And he stressed that the text is not intended to have a disciplinary nature or to target an individual or group of people, although it will detail “the responsibility of all Catholics” to live according to the Eucharist.

In that sense, they announced that it will focus on believers supporting “human life and dignity and other fundamental principles of Catholic morality and its social teachings.”

Conservative bishops repudiate Biden’s defense of abortion rights

Behind the initiative of the Conference committee is a campaign by a group of conservative bishops who are uncomfortable with the fact that Biden, the first Catholic to occupy the Oval Office in six decades, is also a defender of the right to abort.

Initially, his proposal sought to go to the extreme of ban politicians like Biden from communion for its stance on abortion, but its proponents ended up backtracking after the Vatican urged them to cool down the debate.

To Biden, a devout Catholic who attends mass every Sunday, already they denied him once in 2019 the possibility of receiving communion because of that political stance; And his team has since spent time making sure that when he travels, he doesn’t go to a church where his access to the sacrament may be blocked.

The debate on the subject at the bishops’ conference reflects the degree to which the polarization in the United States over the right to abortion has reached, guaranteed in the country since 1973 but turned into a battle horse by conservatives and some religious groups in recent times. three decades.

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