Catherine Zeta-Jones returns to acting on the set of “Prodigal Son”

After having participated in some episodes of “Queen America” ​​three years ago, Catherine Zeta-Jones returns to a recording set.

Catherine Zeta-Jones will once again be a participant in a project in which she will show off her acting gift; It is about the series “Prodigal Son”, whose season 2 began airing in January of this year on FOX.

However, the episodes in which the actress appears only began to air last March and from the beginning, she was drawn to the plot.

The Oscar winner for best supporting actress thanks to her role as Roxy Hart in “Chicago” found the series’ darkness striking, which made her dare to participate in the project.

The plot closely follows a psychologist (played by Tom Payne) who analyzes the minds of criminals to solve mysteries that the law has not been able to clarify.

The 51-year-old Welsh star has shared some previews of his frame scenes on his Instagram account, where he constantly takes the opportunity to chat with his fans.

In addition to having used that same channel to publicize that she has already received her second dose of the vaccine that protects her from Covid-19, the star took the opportunity to send a loving birthday greeting to her daughter Carys.

In her message, Catherine revealed that the moment she is most proud of has been the one in which she became a mother, above having won an Oscar.