Caterham seven electric is in development

Little more than a month after having changed hands, Caterham is once again in the news because with a view to surviving as a brand and keeping its classic Seven in the portfolio have announced that they started work on an electric variant of this that should arrive within the next five years.

The challenge is not great not only in terms of the financial part, which we will see later, but also due to the fact that an electric power plant and the weight that this entails goes against the philosophy that has always accompanied Caterham to make the vehicles as light as possible.

Caterham Super Seven 1600 2020

Graham Macdonald, CEO of Caterham, remains optimistic anyway and of course says that the future electric Seven will be developed with a focus on keeping the weight as low as possible so as not to alter its characteristic handling. Thus, for example, regenerative braking will not be included, and although a racing version does, it would not be equipped with interchangeable batteries or charging function either.

In any case, it is inevitable that the electric Caterham Seven carries more weight than usual and consequently the suspension would have a specific set-up but, as seen in the Autocar render that opens this note, it would keep its figure without major changes, with uncovered wheels, a minimum of bodywork and a roof that is not removable but optional.

The great advantage would be in performance and in that sense it is expected that in terms of acceleration the electric Seven is comparable to the current 620R that reaches 100 km / h from standstill in just 2.79 seconds.

Caterham Super Seven 1600 2020

Caterham Super Seven 1600 2020

Now, as we mentioned above, there is the financial issue that is always the other great challenge. While the new owners of the brand have a significant investment planned as well They will seek the greatest possible savings and for this reason they have already allied with Morgan and they do not rule out doing the same with Ariel and Lotus.

Regarding batteries and electric motors They will look for external suppliers, which also represents an important saving in research and development, and they would only have to worry about making the necessary adjustments to adapt them to their model.

Final big news: Combustion-engined Caterhams will continue to exist for as long as possible. In Macdonald’s words, “My ambition is to maintain combustion engines for as long as possibleas long as we can find a motor that fits our product, but that is getting more and more difficult. They are all smaller and turbocharged now, and that’s not what we want. “

As mentioned above, the electric Caterham Seven is planned for about five years from now but the first look could come in 2023 when the brand is celebrating 50 years.

Caterham Super Seven 1600 2020

Caterham Super Seven 1600 2020

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