Catatrophic cone in a field

Lyon player Maxwell Cornet has repositioned himself as a side since the arrival of Rudi Garcia. However, a statistic revealed a real failure of the player despite the expenditure of energy in this position.

Arrived at Olympique Lyonnais in 2015, Maxwell Cornet was initially a side striker under the orders of Bruno Génésio. With Rudi Garcia, the player fell two notches on the ground to become part of the defensive sector. Often criticized for his clumsiness, the 24-year-old Lyonnais is not successful compared to the percentages of centers.

Cornet, the worst ratio of successful crosses

During a question and answer session with Internet users on Twitter, Otpa Jean delivered a terrible statistic from Maxwell Cornet. According to their data, the player has the worst ratio of successful crosses in Ligue 1 since the start of the season. Indeed, the left side has a percentage of 7, 9% of successful center (3/38). It is not glorious for the Lyonnais.


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