Castlevania: Fans are excited and touched by the latest season

Unlike many of its original live-action films, Netflix stood out from the beginning for producing quality series, and in 2017 fans of video games from Castlevania They got a big surprise with the adaptation by the Indian producer Adi shankar and the English writer Warren Ellis, who not only respected the aesthetics of the Konami saga, but also seemed to maintain as much fidelity to the original material as possible. Now, after four seasons, the series has come to an end, and fans are satisfied and devastated at the same time.

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For fans of Castlevania – 100%, it is a joy that the series has met their expectations, but it is unfortunate that it has been tainted with controversy; in 2020, about 100 women accused the screenwriter Warren ellis of sexual harassment, the reason for which he was fired, but after having delivered the script for the fourth season; Unfortunately for him, he was also fired from the comics he had worked on for a long time.

Video games Castlevania they narrate the ancestral war of the Belmont family against the evil vampire Dracula, and usually the Belmont that face their enemy do so with powerful allies; on Castlevania from Netflix, inspired by Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (1989), we follow three main characters: Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard. The latter is popular worldwide since he was the protagonist of the most famous video game in the franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

In addition to gaining approval from fans, the fourth season of Castlevania it was well received by critics, who had generally had positive reviews since the first season. Even though this is the end of Castlevania, it is said that there will be spin-offs in the future, and Adi shankar bought the rights to Devil may cry, another popular video game that could be coming to Netflix in animated format soon.

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Here are the reactions to the fourth season of Castlevania on Twitter:

I just finished the first episode of the last season, and let me tell you one thing, I will never tire of Castlevania’s art style and animation. I can’t wait to see what else Netflix is ​​doing set in that universe.

Well. I must admit that season 4 could have gone horribly wrong, but Castlevania ended very well and, * slight spoiler *, ties into Stoker’s novel at the end. Hopefully the hinted Devil May Cry series is just as good.

Again, a series that ended before reaching its potential. This season it has surpassed other seasons especially with its huge animations. I’m sad that Castlevania is over, but I’m excited about the new spin-offs.

I finished Castlevania. But at what price.

(Not a spoiler) me after watching Castlevania season 4.

Netflix’s Castlevania series is amazing! Perhaps the best animated series based on video games that I have seen. OMG, top-notch animation during some fights. They really made for a satisfying ending in my opinion. Devil May Cry is in good hands.

I think Castlevania alone has the best 2D animated fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

As usual, Castlevania season 4 did not disappoint, it really hurts my heart to see that it was the last season of the series. Looking forward to the other installments in the series, and Carmilla is my queen.

Hell yeah, new Castlevania episodes. God, Isaac is still an absolutely fascinating character.

I just finished Castlevania and I’m crying now, the characters finally got the ending they deserved after everything they went through and got closure, it was so emotional that I can’t-

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