Castilla save a point against Poblense

ANDl Real Madrid Castilla drew against him Poblense in the sixth day of the League. Raúl’s men suffered to add that point that means that Raúl’s team has three games unbeaten.

The game went uphill for Castilla with the goal of Aitor at minute 4. Castilla reacted and Caesar sought the equalizer with a powerful shot from outside the area, but the ball went over the crossbar. Toni Fuidias saved the second of the premises in 35 ‘thanks to a great save after a header from Jaime. Two minutes later, Arribas was able to equalize the score with a set piece that hit the post.

With that 1-0 break was reached and the second half, Castilla went for the draw that came in the minute with 1-1 of H
ugo hard after finishing off an aerial ball won by Hugo Vallejo. Poblense not only did not collapse, but also went ahead on the scoreboard. Alberto, with a head, signed 2-1 with ten minutes remaining.

Castilla had to start over and made it 2-2 in 83 ‘. Arribas picked up a rejection of the goalkeeper to a shot of Latasa to achieve the tie at two with which the match ended.