Caster Semenya, sentenced with community service for speeding

05/12/2021 at 4:41 PM CEST


The double Olympic champion of 800 meters Caster Semenya He must complete 50 hours of community service for a reckless driving offense for speeding in his country, South Africa, as confirmed by sources from the Prosecutor’s Office to Efe on Wednesday.

The athlete had to appear last Friday in a Pretoria court after being arrested the previous day for driving her car recklessly on one of the highways in the metropolitan area located between the South African capital and nearby Johannesburg.

“50 hours of speeding were imposed on him,” he confirmed this Wednesday to Efe. Lumka mahanjana, spokesman for the North Gauteng Prosecutor’s Office (the region where Pretoria is located), who did not give further details of the case, although he pointed out that at the time of the arrest Semenya He was released after posting a bail of 500 rand (about $ 36 / € 29.5).

The broker pleaded guilty at the hearing and will have to appear again in court in August, once she has served her punishment.


Semenya30-year-old and considered a hero in her country, is in South Africa training to change her running profile and adapt to competing in 5,000-meter events.

Her specialty was 800 meters – a distance in which she is a double Olympic champion and triple world champion – but competing in these events is currently not possible without taking medication.

Since 2019, the International Athletics Federation (World Athletics) has imposed a controversial regulation that obliges athletes to keep their testosterone levels below 5 nanomoles per liter for a continuous period of at least six months if they want to compete in sports events. between 400 meters and a mile (about 1,600 meters).

Semenya, which is probably the best known case of an athlete with hyperandrogenism in the world, naturally produces a quantity of testosterone higher than these levels.

For this reason, the South African has been in a tough legal fight with World Athletics for three years, an organization that it accuses of imposing discriminatory, unethical rules for forcing healthy people to take medication and violating human rights.

Despite the controversial regulations and the unconditional support that the athlete receives from her country and continent, Semenya He has already lost a process before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and a subsequent appeal before the ordinary Justice of Switzerland (country where the CAS is based).

Last February he began a new attempt to overturn the regulations by presenting his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

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