Cast of ‘Astrix & Oblix: L’Empire du Milieu’, the fifth film in the franchise

Vincent Cassel, Jonathan Cohen, Marion Cotillard, Ramzy Bedia, Leanna Chea, Julie Chen, Linh-Dan Pham, Jos Garcia, Bun Hay Mean, Manu Payet, Tran Vu Tran, Pierre Richard, Philippe Katerine, Jrme Commandeur, Audrey Lamy, Vincent Desagnat, Franck Gastambide, Issa Doumbia, Laura Felpin, Angle, Bigflo, Oli, Orelsan, Mcfly et Carlito, Thomas VDB, Marc Fraize, Yann Papin, Chicandier, the musician known simply as M and the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic -in his first job as an actor- they will accompany Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche at the head of which at least in France they will know as ‘Astrix & Oblix: L’Empire du Milieu’ (The Silk Road).

As anticipated more than a year ago, the fifth live-action film inspired by the famous characters created by Ren Goscinny (script) and Albert Uderzo (drawing) in the late 50s will feature Canet as Astrix and Lellouche as Oblix, in which in turn it will be the first film in real image in which we will not see Grard Depardieu giving life to Idfix’s best friend.

Canet himself will be in charge of directing this superproduction by Alain Attal (Trsor Films) and Jrme Seydoux (Path) budgeted in, attention, more than 70 million dollars that from an original story by Philippe Mechelen and Julien Herv that Canet has developed. and transformed into a script with both scriptwriters.

This new and ambitious cinematic adventure revolves around the only daughter of the Chinese emperor Han Xuandi, who escapes from the clutches of a prince and flees to Gaul seeking the help of two brave warriors, named Astrix and Oblix, who as well We know they all possess “superpowers” thanks to a magic potion.

The film, whose filming will begin this spring with a view to its premiere in 2022, is already guaranteed its distribution in much of the world, either in cinemas or in his native France by Path itself, or through of streaming through Netflix, although at the moment it has not transpired in which countries this streaming platform will distribute it or whether it reaches Spain in this way.

Then we leave you with an image (click to enlarge) that details who to interpret whom, highlighting of course the collaboration of Cassel as Julio Csar, Cotillard as Cleopatra or Ibrahimovic as Antivirus.

Recall that a few weeks ago it was announced that Alain Chabat and Alain Goldman (Legende Films) were working on a new 3D computer animation series starring the famous characters created by Goscinny and Uderzo.

The first season of the series will be a direct adaptation of one of the classic volumes, ‘Astrix and the boss fight’. In this story, the Romans, tired of being ridiculed by Astrix and the other villagers over and over again, mount a fight of rival Gallic bosses and try to love the outcome by kidnapping a druid along with his essential magic potion.

It is not the first time that Alain Chabat works in this mythical franchise, as he was the scriptwriter and director of ‘Astrix and Oblix: Mission Cleopatra’, a film in which he was also in charge of playing Julius Caesar.

This future series, directed by Chabat, produced by Goldman and supported and distributed by Netflix, will premiere worldwide in 2023.