Cast of actors vs characters in real life

The long-awaited biographical series of Selena Quintanilla arrives this December 4 through Netflix, with great expectation among his fans who wait to see the life, work and history of their idol.

What is Selena: The Series about?

Selena: The series, as the streaming platform called it, tells the story of the queen of tex-mex and his family from his childhood, when his dream of becoming a music star was born in his garage until it became a reality with resounding success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, says the premise of Netflix .

The plot touches on the problems that the Quintanilla family to dominate the music industry, until Selena’s murder at the hands of Yolanda saldivar at 23 years of age.

Netflix divided the series into two parts allegedly due to the delay in recordings caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The first part premiered on December 4 and consists of nine episodes.

Who plays Selena and the Quintanilla family in the series?

One of the things that generated the most interest among her fans and the general public who expected to see the production when it was announced, was the cast that would embody the celebrity born in Texas, her brothers, parents and people who followed her during her promising, but short career.

Who plays Selena?

The actress Christian serratos 30-year-old was chosen to play Selena grande, due to her physical resemblance, talent, but also because she shares her Mexican-American cultural heritage.

She is known for participating in Ned’s Manual, in the Twilight saga, The Walking Dead, 96 minutes and The Secret Life of a Teenager.

Before Serratos, she was played by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 film Selena and Maya Zapata played her in the 2018 miniseries Selena’s Secret.

The children’s version will be 9-year-old Madison Taylor Baez, a girl who has devoted herself to music from an early age.

Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Abraham Quintanilla

Selena’s father will be played by the film and stage actor Ricardo Antonio Chavira, known for Six Feed Under, Desperate Housewives, The Division and NYPD Blue.

Abraham Quintanilla is the one who discovered the talent of his daughter and formed the band called tell us with his other children.

After the death of Selena, the also composer and musician became involved in the production of several musical albums, documentaries and started the Selena Foundation that helps children in crisis.

Seidy López as Marcella Samora de Quintanilla

The role of the singer’s mother is borne by this Yucatan-born actress who has gained recognition in the industry for performances in Out of Suspicion, Selena: The Movie, Training Day, Gabriela and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Noemí González as Suzette Quintanilla

She is the older sister of the celebrity and drummer in the band Dinos. After the tragic death of her sister, Suzette was in charge of the foundation and a museum founded in Corpus Christi where the outfits designed by the singer are currently exhibited.

His children’s version is Daniela Estrada.

Gabriel Chavarría as AB Quintanilla

The brother in charge of the bass, the production and composition of the songs is played by 31-year-old Chavarría.

She gained popularity from her inception in the acting industry with roles in Freedom Writers, Hunter Killer, and Planet of the Apes: War.

Juan Martínez is the AB child

AB Quintanilla in real life continued in music with the group Kumbia kings and produced songs for Thalía, Alicia Villareal, Cristian and Verónica Castro.

Jesse Posey as Chris Pérez

Posey plays Selena’s husband who joined the Dinos as a guitarist in 1989.

The actor had appearances on Killer Party, Connected, Stitchers and First Love, he is the brother of actor Tyler Posey who worked on Teen Wolf.

Paul Rodíguez as Roger García

Known for his career as an actor, rapper and recording artist, Rodíguez plays Pérez’s predecessor who withdrew from the band due to pressure and multiple trips to fame.

Hunter Reese Peña as Ricky Vela

In real life he was the keyboardist of the Dinos and author of some of the greatest musical successes such as The guy from apartment 512 Y The call.

Yolanda saldivar does not appear in the first part of the delivery.