Brothers David and Nathan Zellner will once again share leadership duties at Alpha Gang, fantastic comedy that David has also written and that next week will come to the market this virtual year in Cannes in search of his future. A future that is most promising as he comes to the film with an under the arm cast of Jon Hamm, Andrea Riseborough, Nicholas Hoult, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mackenzie Davis, Sofia Boutella and Steven Yuen.

The film, which will be filmed in European locations in 2021, revolves around a group of merciless, dangerous and armed aliens who have been sent to Earth to fulfill a simple mission: Conquer the planet. A simple mission that will not be so once they catch this « human disease » that we know as « feelings »: Their plan for world domination will start to run the risk of not being fulfilled once they start « feeling » things like joy, fear, draw … or love.

In the words of Dave Bishop, CEO of Protagonist Pictures, this is a « hilarious, fast-paced and very commercial movie with a great first-rate cast. » « I’ve wanted to make this movie for a long time, a mix of science fiction, action and comedy, » says David Zellner for his part. « Nathan and I couldn’t be more excited about the incredible cast that will accompany us on this wild journey. »

David and Nathan Zellner are responsible for ‘Damsel’, the very particular western that Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson and the Zellner brothers themselves starred in 2018 that we have been able to see in Spain through Movistar +. In turn David is responsible for the direction of ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’, a film that however in this case he wrote with his brother Nathan.