When you least expect it, it is usually the time when the best results are made, but for this you have to have worked very hard and show great tenacity. Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud He managed to match his father Christian’s brand, becoming the best Norwegian players in tennis history. After trying in the last seasons, it seems that the good results have reached the good of Casper, reaching the tournament in Buenos Aires and reaching the top 40 for the first time.

The Norwegian player confessed that he did not have a childhood like the rest of his friends, since he preferred tennis over fun: “In my country as in the rest of the world, when you are 15 or 16 years old, young people leave to celebrate certain things with his friends, but in my case I never did. I have never drunk alcohol, since I decided to have a healthy life since I was a child. In Norway it is very common every weekend to go to cabins or summer houses to spend with friends, but I nevertheless spent a lot of time on a tennis court with my father to continue growing as a professional player, “he said in words collected by the official website of the ATP.

For Casper Ruud, his father was his great idol, since he became the best Norwegian tennis player until then: “My father Christian was the person who put Norway on the map of the world of tennis, reaching the top 40. We trained on a court that we had in the garden and from an early age I began to instill the values ​​of tennis. Before I started playing tennis I tried other sports, but they did not fill me the same, and it was when I was 12 years old that I decided to play tennis and follow in my father’s footsteps. “

The Norwegian tennis player is a regular at the Rafael Nadal Academy: “I admire Rafa very much. He is a person with very good values, very fighter and above all very humble. It is impossible to be like Nadal, but training with him sometime, I am picking up things to be able to adapt them to my style of play. In addition to Rafa, I like to learn from other tennis players like Federer or Djokovic, but it is impossible to have his game. Each tennis player has his own style of play. “

To conclude, Casper Ruud recognized that despite overcoming obstacles, he still wants to continue achieving great things: “Tennis is a very complicated sport. Every game is a world, and today you can achieve a victory but the next day you have another totally new one You can win or lose. If you lose, you feel disappointed, but you know that next week you have a new opportunity to be able to achieve good results. It is a unique sport, “he concluded.